Video Poker
Online video poker - one of the representatives of player slots. Due to its popularity, the game stood out in an independent direction.  In video poker games are based on the rules of customary five-card poker with replacement cards. Video poker game being on the screen of the gaming machine or on your computer, if you play through the Internet (online video poker). To learn how to play online video poker, you do not need to study a lot of literature. This is not a classic poker, where you have a long time to learn. However, players need to know at least a poker hand that is distinguished from ordinary online video poker slots game where absolutely does not require any training.

In addition, online video poker game - potentially the most profitable game of all slots. It usually lays the highest rate of return for the industry. Sometimes the amount of prize money returned more than 100%. Of course, such generosity is the exception to the rule, but still hold the majority of machines payout percentage of 96% and above. This is a fairly high percentage. Recall, for example, that in SNG-tournament Texas Hold'em Commission places an average of 10%. Secondly, the game is not fully eliminate the human factor. Looking at the payout table combinations and knowing their initial cards, you can select the optimal strategy to win the maximum amount of money at the casino.

In contrast to the classical version of the game, in video poker you resist not live players, a artificial intelligence. In the electronic version of the game video poker cards are dealt automatically. On the screen 5 players see the hole cards. Knowing poker hands and trying to collect them, gamblers have the right to change any number of cards in video poker. By the user can be changed and all the cards, but the players are quite rare. Ultimately your task - to collect one of the winning combinations of poker. Check with them you can in a special section, which is available in every online video slot. Together with a description of winning combinations in the table are the sum of money that you will get when you collect some combination of cards in video poker.

Gameplay in online video poker is quite simple. Choose the amount of the rate at which you play, and press the start of the game. From these cards on hand choose which to keep on hand, and what to replace. If you managed to collect a winning combination, you take relying prize. Some machines are equipped with a function of the risk game. You can try your luck and double the amount won, a can lose it. Double game goes by different rules, but usually requires the player to guess the color of the closed card - this bonus round is called "red or black." Another version of the risk-game offers a choice of four hole cards, with one open, lying on a table. To win, you need to draw a card higher in rank than the open. There are many varieties of online video poker. Tell you about the features of the rules of the most popular of them.

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