Top Poker Rules
Video poker online is popular because of its affordability and simplicity of rules. Learn the rules of the classic poker games is very difficult. Luck in video for the most part independent of the normal luck. Under the rules of the game, you rotate the drum and see on the screen a line of 5 cards. You can change and fix any number of cards, and restart the drum in order to collect a winning combination. From this is where your winnings depends. Paytable can be viewed in the game menu.

Online video poker has its origins with the first personal computers. It happened in the early seventies. In 1967 he took a rebirth of video poker. Pitt Sayman mechanism has been implemented computer craftsmen, but in electronic form. The idea of ??creating a computer game company owned by Dale Electronics. Electronic machine is called Poker-Matic. However, very popular game did not use. Inexperienced players do not trust the new technologies and preferred to live the good old game.

The game was as uncomplicated as imperfect computers were those years. Mass distribution of computer video poker began in a time when computers began to become widely available. Real pioneer in the field of video poker has become the company IGT. In 1979 the company started to produce software for gaming machines. Devices with video poker became established in many popular live casino.

Another turn in the history of the emergence of multi-line video poker slot machines. These devices are most widely, but they continued to progress. The game began to be added Deuces and Joker - it helped to increase playability. Many players who prefer the usual slots, became interested in a very dynamic video poker. Finally won offline in the early nineties, the game progressively compiled and network environment.

In 1994, the famous Microgaming gaming company released the world's first online version of video poker. Playing without problems caught in the Internet space. Format of video poker is that all major logic game processes and functions were perfectly adapting to online video poker. Another fundamental complement the emergence of the game with a progressive jackpot. Amount of prize now comprise tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, to win in such a device is much more difficult, but the potential gains are much higher.

Today, video poker online is not in place and continues to evolve. Are very popular not only classic version of the game, but also alternatives. In the game the largest range of online casinos you can find more than 10 varieties of video poker. Among them are the standard games, with the accumulated jackpot supervideopoker, video poker with jokers as wild symbols and others.

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