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Online blackjack - it's most fun and simplest casino games, as well as the famous "21". The title is laid mainly to the very idea of ??the game: it is necessary to "beat" the dealer's hand, but not a "bust", that is, gain more points. Than the dealer but not exceeding 21. In blackjack points corresponds to the dignity of cards (8 = 8) to 10 and the total score on a roll "Ace" can be both 11 and 1.

At the beginning of the game, each player bets and then receives two cards. The dealer also receives two cards, but only one of them opens. Since the player will need to "beat" the dealer's hand, that is to score more points than the dealer, unlike other card games such as Texas Hold'em ( Texas Holdem ), the game is a favorite game for many companies, as each player tries to beat the dealer to win. If the value of the first two cards dealt to the number 21, for example an ace where drops and any of the "pictures" or 10, the player automatically wins in the event that the dealer does not have blackjack.

If a player has not collected cards in denominations of 21, the game continues, and players can continue to gather additionally one card (hit) or just stop "stand", leaving behind the already existing maps. In addition, online blackjack players may double down (double-down) and get another card, or double down, take two cards and split them (split). If a player is interested in the maps section, it must make an additional bet, because he actually plays two hands.

Get maps, players take turns after the dealer. Blackjack dealer, or croupier, usually adhere to certain rules, adding cards until they reach a certain amount (in almost all cases, no more than 17), although these rules may be different in different casinos. Date knowledge of the rules is necessary for each player to develop a personal strategy game. Just? Yes. Fun? Tremendously. Blackjack at the casino, as well as online blackjack can turn into a wonderful pastime, because this game you will find in almost all the casinos. Below is a guide to the game of blackjack, as well as plenty of tips that will help you win.

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