Online Dice Games
Bones - the oldest game that, despite its age, is still very popular among the players. Some newcomers initially frightening large number of boxes on the playing field and a variety of rates. But it is worth to understand the rules and play a few rounds, as it becomes clear that the dice - a simple, but very exciting entertainment.  That is why it is so loved by many customers casino. No less popular dice game online . Visitors online casinos are happy to spend time playing craps .

On our site you can find a variety of information related to the game of dice . It will be useful not only for beginners, but experienced players who will be able to learn a lot. On the site you can find the story introduction, rules, possible strategies, casino, which recommended the dice.  Play craps interesting to many casino players, regardless of their age and gender. Craps casino attracts customers gambling establishments. They enjoy spending time at craps, enthusiastically betting and throwing dice. And our site will help familiarize yourself with the rules of the bones and find out all the details of this strategy and gambling.

To start the game enough to visit the site, register and start playing, observing all its rules. For beginners will review briefly the basic rules of the game. Use ordinary dice. In the long and short backgammon played by two players, each of them provided their own half, and its size is composed of twelve points. On the playing field, one player moves counterclockwise checkers and the other player moves checkers clockwise.

During the game, checkers must be moved in accordance with the number that fell on the bones. Checkers move in a decreasing order, ie, starting with 24 points and up to 1 point, but moved to the point where is already two or more checkers prohibited. If it turns out that the bones falls double, then the player goes 4 times this number drawn. As for the game in the long backgammon, they have a different arrangement. However, in the long backgammon checkers players can lock your opponent, but you need to build 6 pieces in a row. If a player has no ability to move at least one of his pieces on the required number of points, then his turn is skipped. In any case, online backgammon - is an addictive game that makes you think, relax and just have fun.

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