Online Blackjack
In the history of gambling is clearly impossible to determine ancestor of modern blackjack. It features several intertwined card games common in Europe from the XV to XIX century. Game concept borrowed from the early French and Italian games. There are assumptions about Spanish and roots. Presumably, Blackjack originated in France in the XVIII century. Players like instantly appearing excitement and ease of play. Much later, the best minds in the world have developed strategies of blackjack. Maps and glasses became computed.

Thus, the increased chance of winning. The most widespread strategy received when the opportunity to play blackjack online. The first name of the game was a "21" or "Point." Terms differ, but that this was the starting point of blackjack. The casino in the United States has begun to play only in the XIX century. World year of excitement in this game it became in 1962 with the release of the book Ā«Beat the DealerĀ» Edward O. Thorp, which was described as applying math and probability theory, to win at blackjack. The rules of blackjack are fairly simple, but before the game worth exact nuances because many casinos are making their own rules.

The game gives a unique identity the following aspects:

21 points, the player who is approaching its combination of a given amount of wins. Rule "busting" - the amount of points at one of the players, exceeding 21 points, his opponent wins any combination of cards. Ace, as the player is counted as eleven points, or as one. Insurance option.

Basic rules:
Cards 2 to 10 are considered to be at par; Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10 points; can simultaneously play up to 8 decks, the more decks darkness less likely a combination of "blackjack"; shuffle the cards are dealt special machines; if the game is only one deck, the cards are shuffled after each hand; cards are dealt to the players make bets; everyone is dealt two cards, the last dealer himself puts 1 card (in Europe and in the U.S. - 2, one flips)

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