Baccarat Games
Baccarat or Baccarat - a French card casino game. Translates this value as zero. Baccarat is very popular around the world and is very popular in online casinos. From other gambling Baccarat differs as a playing field, the number of players, and by the rules of the game. If you want to try to play baccarat, then reading this article, you'll be able to sit at the gaming tables and win money. Thus, the table can be up to fourteen three players and dealer, using the six to eight decks of cards, each piece 52. Without going into details, the essence of the game is to put on the other hand, which is likely to have more points.

Highest combination consists of two cards that total will form nine points. Each card comes with a price. Deuce to the nines - equal to its face value; ten, jack, queen, king - zero points, ace - one point. It often happens that the sum is greater than nine points, in this case, ten points deducted many times while the remainder will not be less than ten. For example, if one of the players scored 22 points (9 +9 +4), then subtracted from twenty two times ten to the residue does not exceed the norm. 22-10-10 is obtained, that is equal to two.
  In Baccarat there are different types of bets, there are three types. The first is called Punto or Punto - in this case the payment is made on a one to one of the winning amount is calculated at 5% commission. The next type is called Banco (Banco) - a bet on the winning dealer and paid for it 19 to 20. There is also an option to bet on a draw, or Tie, as the payment is 8 to 1.

At the beginning of the game all their bets, the dealer deals two cards. In that case, if someone will meet the highest combination, the winner is determined once and the round is over. If the amount is less than six player, it is possible to take a third card. In that case, if the game "includes" third card there are certain rules further games. The dealer can also take an additional card if the total number of points he has no more than two, three, four, or five. But there are limits, which depend on what card the player pulled.
That's the whole process exciting game Baccarat. We told you about the rules of the game, you need to add about how much is the casino's advantage over the player. At bet Punto - 1,17%, Banco -1,36% and Tie - 14,12%. Simple average Bakarry higher than in some other games, but that's no reason to be upset, because it is important that the game was enjoyable, and with experience, the payout will grow anyway.

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